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MAIER knife grinding machines. Quick and precise grinding of knives to the correct angle, for example for sewing machines, cloth cutting machines and textile

Maier-Unitas GmbH - Nähmaschinen-Ersatzteile 2017 www .maier-unitas. Parts for Mauser-Overlock / Safety Machines see Pegasus. Piezas para in various grinding versions. (see below).

MAIER Knife grinding machine - 68/1 - Strima

Universal, precise knife grinding machine, ideal for sewing machine mechanic. Table mounted model with two stations and reversing switch for forward and

Maier-Unitas GmbH / FEBRATEX 2018 - German Pavilion

Booth number: 24, High quality spare parts for sewing machines and cutting machines. Blind stitch sewing machines for an invisible hem. Grinding machines for

Grinding Machines meet all requirements - Agencia JE Handal

Maier-Unitas grinding machines contribute to cost savings. Because knives and scissors can be reground exactly and quickly in one's own factory. We have the

Grinder Machine Download - Triumph Needle Ltd

These knives require a diamond grinding wheel. MAIER-UNITAS has been manufacturing grinding machines specifically for these applications for over 60 years

Sewing Oil Molylub Industrial Lubricants

High speed textile oil for needles in Industrial heavy duty sewing machines lubrication. Replace Yamato SF Maier-Unitas Industrie Nähmaschinen. Replaces