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Python or Java for text processing (text mining, information

Both are good. Java has a lot of steam going into text processing. Stanford's text processing system, OpenNLP, UIMA, and GATE seem to be

Uganda's gold boom leaves small-scale miners behind Venezuela

19 Jul 2019 This small-scale gold processing centre in Uganda is one of a growing number that seems to be left out of the country's gold boom [Alice

creating a sustainable artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector

SMALL-SCALE GOLD MINING SECTOR. Case Study from this process are saved and leached with cyanide milling (which liberates gold from the ore) and.

Kmeans on hadoop - Stack Overflow

For such iterative processing Hadoop/MR as there is an overhead released a paper on Pregel for large scale iterative processing and they

Non-linear scaling of .NET operations on multi-core machine

Epilogue: After I made this change, the concurrent process was able to Another small improvement would be to let the main thread act as one

How to pre-process dataset for maximum effectiveness with LibSVM

303k○6161 gold badges○635635 silver badges○765765 bronze badges. You should always Scale each input dimension to the same interval, for example [0, 1] . This is the most This is common in text mining / computer vision. Should I be binning the Power/Voltag

Clean gold: making artisanal mining work - Mining Technology

1 Nov 2017 But for small-scale miners working with simple tools and lacking the on the upgrade of a local gold processing plant to refine the miners'

What are the pros and cons of performing calculations in sql vs

But you would never ship tons of gold ore from South Africa to France for that. The ore is processed at the mining site (or at least in the general and thinking carefully about scale, you will win by moving processing to data. Let's think about this in tw

Is scaling of feature values in LibSVM necessary? - Stack Overflow

machine-learning data-mining svm libsvm Now, suppose I did scale the values, and after training the model if I get one vector with its values You already did that in the pre-training step (i.e. data processing). is to avoid attributes in greater numeric r

large scale clustering library possibly with python bindings

It's really only for small data sets. The way it is commonly implemented on matrix operations is O(n^3) , which is really bad for large data sets.

What is Map/Reduce? - Stack Overflow

The advantage of MapReduce is that the processing can be performed in parallel on multiple processing nodes (multiple servers) so it is a system that can scale very well. Simple ways of breaking up larger calculations into smaller pieces,

Siting a centralised processing centre for artisanal and small-scale

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) has been practised in Ghana and Therefore, the implementation of a centralised gold processing facility could be

small scale gold mining in usa Machinery Manufacturing

911mpe has small gold mining equipment for sale and more specifically mineral processing equipment. our equipment is best used in small scale extractive

Hottest 'dbscan' Answers - Stack Overflow

The scale is huge - your epsilon is tiny! Seems like your data may be integers, so no points except duplicates will ever have a distance of less than 0.5 Hence

Lifting the lid on Ghana's illegal small-scale mining problem

25 Sep 2019 Small-scale gold mining in what is modern day Ghana can be traced as legalise and regularise the sector by introducing a licensing process.

'python' tag wiki - Stack Overflow

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from data mining to monitoring and Python applications to work with human data and the processing of sentences. By using the non-blocking network I/O, Tornado can scale to tens of This results in a sma

Scalability in computer algorithm - Stack Overflow

Also what "scales" means is not well defined. It can mean in some cases linear growth, in other cases nearly no increase in processing-time .

Hottest 'keras' Answers - Stack Overflow

model.add(BatchNormalization(center=True, scale=True, useless If it's overfitting, add regularization little by little, start by small dropout / weights decay, and then . machine-learning keras deep-learning data-mining autoencoder You are not post-pr

Dakete Small-Scale Mining Co. Solidaridad Network

Dakete became the first small-scale mine in Ghana to produce traceable gold. Obed Kudi They were also trained in optimization of mining processes. One of

NLTK-based text processing with pandas - Stack Overflow

1 Jan 2018 This should be work well for small sentences. You'll still need an apply call, but with a small number of columns, it shouldn't scale too badly.

Reducing Mercury Use in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining

Artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) needs to be brought into the Below, an Indonesian miner pours mercury to prepare a WOA process.

Preliminary Survey of Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining - NRDC

Preliminary survey of artisanal and small scale gold mining (ASGM) in China processing of ore are not taking place at the same place, the mining in situ, and

How to extract web data in Visual Basic for Applications using XML

I'm working on a small scale data mining/ web data extraction personal project. My question is about data extraction, though. Extracting data

Mapping artisanal and small-scale mining in northwest Tanzania - IPIS

25 Jan 2019 Miners processing gold in Mara, on the shores of Lake Victoria, 2017 450 small-scale mining and processing sites were surveyed on the

What is the difference between Big Data and Data Mining? - Stack

Actually, data mining was just as overused it could mean anything such as those that give interesting results - just don't scale, most data "mined" isn't actually big. smaller than what you would lose by simply working on smaller data. ..