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'L' Slow Zone Elimination - CTA

more comfortable commute—when a slow zone is lifted, the speed limit for that area See Customer Alerts and sign up for CTA Updates to get planned weekly for details about when track maintenance work will affect service on your line.

Tuen Ma line - Wikipedia

The Tuen Ma line (Chinese: 屯馬綫) is a rapid transit line that forms part of the Mass Transit This design was to speed up passenger interchange between the East Rail line and Tuen Ma line to Kowloon during the morning commute, although

Is there any faster way to grep the pattern or to increase the

-F treats lines in file as strings, not patterns; -x looks for exact matching line (if that is what you want); -f file reads the lines from file and looks for

How Can You Speed up Windows 7?

To speed up Windows 7, reduce the number of applications that activate during the startup process, and uninstall the unnecessary programs. If there isn't enough system memory, limit the number of programs that run concurrently, perform a disk cleanup, and disable the gr

How can I speed up line by line reading of an ASCII file? (C++

Quick profiling on my system (linux-2.6.37, gcc-4.5.2, compiled with -O3) shows that I/O is not the bottleneck. Whether using fscanf into a char

How to speed up scrolling responsiveness when displaying lots of

But there's already such default behavior, assuming the page length > 1 line, Which makes the scrolling speed increase, even though the event registration

Word for "speeding up a process" in line with the idiom "to kick

When a process is improved in such a way that it takes less time to complete, the process is said to have been streamlined. The film director found that

Perl: Trying to speed up parsing a delimited file - Stack Overflow

8 May 2017 This will 'force' splitting the input into a new line, and then match perl use strict; use warnings; use Benchmark qw ( cmpthese ); my $line

Fastest way to process a large file? - Stack Overflow

18 May 2015 if not lines: break for line in lines: process(line) Using this, I get a speed up of ~8 times as compared to vanilla line by line reading on a

Python fastest way to read a large text file (several GB) - Stack

up vote 14 down vote. with open(<FILE>) as FileObj: for lines in FileObj: print lines # or do some other thing with the line will read one line at

Speed Up Lunch Lines - Skyward

How could technology simplify or speed up the process? From the lunch line to your students' homes, food service really can be a breeze. Find out more about

ADSL - Fast broadband with or without home phone - Vodafone NZ

ADSL can deliver a theoretical maximum speed of 7.5Mbps for download, while If you just want a broadband connection without a home phone line, you

How to speed up loading text file to multi vector - Stack Overflow

EDIT: Though, I deem it a bit more likely that the performance is a bit bottled by the line Data.push_back(Element); which makes a copy of the Element-vector.

Speed up sed replacement string read from a file - Stack Overflow

Charles' also blew up with input at 10% of the size used here. One other way is to simply read from both files, one line at a time, opening

Change the delivery speed of a line item - Google Ad Manager Help

Ad Manager's ad delivery pacing system is designed to distribute the impressions for a line item in one of three ways: As fast as possible: A line item is never

How to speed up printing line by line to a file in Python? - Stack

print has a lot of bells and whistles you're not using, and you're using C-style looping with indexing instead of direct iteration, both of which add needless

Slow Broadband? Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

If the line noise is still present, speak to your phone service provider. If it's gone, the problem is with the equipment or lines inside

Winforms: How to speed up Invalidate()? - Stack Overflow

If you draw a line from 0,0 to 639,479; Invalidate() will invalidate the entire region from 0,0 to 639,0 at the You can't really speed up Invalidate.

Faster Way to Read File Line by Line? - Stack Overflow

In PHP, I use fopen( ) , fgets( ) , and fclose( ) to read a file line by line. So I'm wondering if there are any tricks to speed up the process?

Speed Up Initial Execution of Python Command Line App - Stack Overflow

You can make use of a similar technique used by the infamous "Microsoft Office Quick Start" or the "Java Quick Start" and, IIRC even the "Adobe Fast-something"

Broadband speed Post Office

If you've just joined Post Office or moved house, it can take up to 10 days for the speed and stability of your broadband to settle. We need to run line tests at the

How to Practice Your Typing Speed

Need to get your typing speed up so you can land that job or take better notes in school? With online sites that provide free typing tests, you can improve speed and accuracy by just practicing a little bit each day.

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line - Neil Patel

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the Looking to speed up your website?

How Do You Speed up Your Internet Connection?

To speed up your Internet connection, first check your current Internet speed. Next, research the maximum speed in your area. Finally, take specific measures to maximize your Internet speed.

Ways to speed up python list operations - Stack Overflow

As mentionned in comments, the main bottleneck here is the usage of a list . Aside: if line[0] not in (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0) is slow and doesn't

How Do You Speed up a Computer?

Speed up your computer by limiting your startup programs and then running a Disk Cleanup utility. This procedure should work on a Windows-based PC.

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Checkout Speed - Square

Here are some ways you can make sure you're ringing people up as fast as possible, keeping that line moving, your customers smiling, and those sales flowing.

How can I speed up reading multiple files and putting the data

for path in paths: data = [] with open(path, 'r') as file_obj: for line in file_obj: try: d1, d2 = line.strip().split() except ValueError: pass data.append(d1, int(d2))) index,

Trump's USDA Is Letting Factories With Troubling Safety Records

3 Oct 2019 Sign up for ProPublica's Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this When the USDA started issuing line speed waivers to poultry plants

Speed up split and write out to file in python - Stack Overflow

-1: # found the first semi-column, get the content up to it f_out.write(line[:sc_index] + "\n") # write it to the output file else: f_out.write(line) # write